The Programme

The Project GEOtourism and LOCal Development (GEO.TOPI.A.) concerns the co-operation between two prevailingly mountainous areas of rich geodiversity, natural environment and culture in Crete and Cyprus. 

On Crete the Project concerns the plateau and eastern coastline of the former Province of Sitia, which, although unknown to most people, has a unique geophysical wealth: caves, canyons, rare rocks and fossils. On Cyprus, it concerns Mount Troodos, renowned for its rich biodiversity, forests, ancient metal mines and unique rock appearances from the Earth’s mantle. 

Due to their mountainous character, the two areas suffer the problems of mountainous & disadvantaged areas. This is why, over the last few years, efforts have been made by local bodies to promote their natural wealth along with their versatile manmade and cultural reserve. They are both two extremely attractive locations for developing alternative tourism.