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Information centers

Geopark Info Center

At the main square of the city if Sitia you may find the Geopark Info Center.
At the Info Center the visitor may be informed about the Geopark, the Geosites, the Georoutes and all the related activities and festivals, as well as about any other information related to Sitia’s history and culture.

Zakros’ Natural History Museum

The Zakros’ Natural History Museum is located at the Polykentro building, lying along the main road that crosses Epanos Zakros village.
The Museum is dedicated to the natural environment of the Park. The flora, fauna, and geology of the area is presented through small dioramas (reconstructions of ecosystems), staffed animals, posters and displays of rocks and fossils. Visitors can find all printed material of the Park, can watch the Sitia Nature park video, can browse the parks’ website and visit the European and Global UNESCO’s geoparks.
The museum offers parking and toilets and is open during summer times. During winter visitors should contact park’s authorities or Sitia Municipality.

Karydi  Info Center

The Info Center at Karydi is hosted at the old school of the village and is dedicated to the speleological research. The center offers information on the Nature Park, the nearby geo-routes and the activities that can be implemented, but also can be used for accommodation of small groups and scientists.

Center is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and facilities for stay and sleep that can be used by speleologists, biologists, schools etc., that are interested to study the environment and caves of this mountainous area. It also can provide visitors with the necessary equipment for personal security and orientation.

Visitors who wish to use this infrastructure should communicate with Parks authorities or the Municipality of Sitia.

Tel: +30 2843341304

Zakros Digital Museum

The museum is housed in the central square of Zakros and projects Digital Content relevant to Zakros’ attractions, history and nature.
LCD screens projecting information for the area , paths, etc are installed, as well as hologram projecting equipment presenting digital copies of archaeological and other findings and an interactive table, which will contain digital application and educating mini-games. Particularly impressive is the main the projection, which will be rendered in 3D movie specs and play a 3D stereoscopic documentary about the Minoan Palace of Kato Zakros, the Pelekita Cave, the Gorge of the Dead and the Path of Water.