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64. Vai Fold

In the wider area of Vai, slightly metamorphosed volcano-sedimentary rocks occur that include quartzitic metasandstones and siltstones. These rocks are often included in the Phyllites – Quartzites s.l. (in the broader sense), however, they represent the base of the stratigraphic column of the Tripoli unit. Above Vai, at the famous view point, these rocks form a large and impressive vertical isocline fold, which is evident from the bending of the rock layers.

65. Erimoupolis Folds

On the uniquely beautiful beach of Erimoupolis, folded and slightly metamorphosed slates, siltstones and pelites with various and very impressive colors appear. The folds are also penetrated by numerous small faults and create special landforms, such as the residual outcrop that dominates like a natural sculpture in the southern part of the beach.

66. Profitis Ilias Folds

On the cliffs of the road after the hamlet of Kalamaki and before Toplou Monastery, folds can be observed in the rocks of the Tripolitsa unit base.