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30. Pelekita Cave

31. Kato Peristeras Cave

32. Ano Peristeras Cave 

33. Chonos of Chonos Cave

34. Mikro & Megalo Katofigi Caves

35. Vreiko Cave

Vreiko cave (official name Latsida Vreikou Cave) is located northeast of the settlement of Pefki, in a uniquely beautiful limestone landscape, which grows in the limestones of Tripoli. The limestones as a tectonic nappe (cover) are found on the Phyllites – Chalazites s.l. unit. The cave develops almost vertically within the limestones, penetrates their entire thickness and stops when it meets the underlying Phyllite – Quartzite unit s.l. which is impermeable to water. Inside the cave there is a wonderful decoration of stalactites and stalagmites, while it is also a designated terrestrial archaeological site, as traces of habitation from the Neolithic era were found. Access to its entrance is by a path with a unique view, while inside there is attached equipment for its easier visit. It is not recommended to enter the cave if you are not experienced or familiar with cave diving, while in any case the use of a helmet and head torch is essential.