The aim of (D.O.K.A.S.)
is to organize and run services based on what best serves the needs of the residents of the Municipality of Sitia. It consists of the following sectors:

The Environment Sector, which mainly deals with:

  • Undertaking local programmes for the protection and upgrading of the natural, architectural and cultural environment, in the framework of national and European policies.
  • Protection and management of water resources; soil and inland water protection.
  • Providing assistance to the competent fire-fighting service utilizing any useful means available, in fighting fires, particularly in forested areas.
  • Monitoring/Surveying the Clean Beaches – Clean Seas Programme of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
  • Compiling and implementing wild animal protection programmes.

The Social Protection and Solidarity Sector , which mainly deals with:

  • Support and social care of infants – the elderly.
  • Implementation or participation in integrated local action plans and programmes and initiatives for the application and development of employment promotion and social inclusion policies for various categories of unemployed persons, in the framework of national and European policies.
  • Implementation of or participation in programmes and actions for kindergartens and early childhood centres, nurseries, Help at Home, Social Care Units, Day Care Centres, Centres for the disabled.

The Education Sector, which mainly deals with running a creative activities centre for children, a traffic education park, and a dance, painting and sculpture school and a conservatory.

The Culture Sector, which mainly deals with:

  • Running a library, a cultural and literary centre, museums (indicatively the Folklore Museum and the Water Museum of Zakros), a gallery, a cinema and theatre, organizing concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events.
  • The protection of museums, monuments, caves, as well as archaeological and historical sites of the region.
  • Promotion of cultural exchanges at a national, European and international level,
  • Running the Philharmonic

The Sports Sector, which mainly deals with running the Sports Centre, the gymnasium, sports events, participation in mass sports programmes, running athletics and sports groups, running football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc., running a swimming pool.