Geological Survey Department

Τμήμα Γεωλογικής Επισκόπησης
The Geological Survey Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment is a technical advisor to the state on all geological matters. .

The Department’s mission is locating and protecting groundwater, locating and developing mineral resources and protecting constructed environments from geo-hazards. Furthermore, it promotes geological research through scientific programmes in cooperation with domestic and international academic and research centres. High amongst the Department’s priorities are obligations arising from the European Union in the field of its competence.

In order to achieve its mission, the Department undertakes the following main activities:

  • Research into, monitoring and protection of groundwater;
  • Research for the location, assessment and utilization of mineral resources;
  • Geotechnical research/studies for the purpose of founding state developmental construction works;
  • Studies of geo-hazards, aiming at minimizing their impact;
  • Studying seismic activity on Cyprus territory and contributing to the design of anti-seismic constructions;
  • Studying the geological structure and development of the territory of Cyprus;
  • Development of the environmental geology sector, with emphasis on geochemical soil and groundwater elements;
  • Application of informatics and use of specialized software; 
  • Publishing geological maps and reports/studies.

The Department aspires to upgrade its role through:

  • Optimization of services and information provided by the Department, both to cooperating public services and to the private sector; 
  • Improved assistance and information to citizens, to be achieved through gradually upgrading the quality of services provided;
  • Providing high quality services based on specialized knowledge generated from enhanced research and expansion of research programmes into new sectors;
  • Research based on innovative pioneering ideas that lead to innovations, the practical application of which is to provide new approaches towards resolving problems and managing issues in the context of developmental and social prosperity.

Internationally, the Department strives to promote cooperation in the field of research with counterpart services, universities, research centres and organizations, mainly of the European Union and the USA. Through the research programmes, the Department aims at developing technical knowhow and importing modern technology.