Development Agency for the Communities of Troodos Area (ANET)

Εταιρεία Ανάπτυξης Τροόδους

Till now, the Development Agency of Troodos included 5 sub-areas / 61 communities, which comprise the district of Troodos. By establishing close ties, ANET aims at developing, highlighting and promoting this area, while, at the same time, raising the chronic problems these areas and the individual communities comprising them are facing, in order to resolve them. The agency was formed in January 2009 as a company without equity capital, of a non-profit character. At present ANET employs 3 people (full time): A Director (1), a Forester (1), Administrative-Secretarial Staff (1), while many services are outsourced to external partners.

The aims and fields of action of the agency are as follows:

  1. Protection and revitalization of the area
  2. The Agricultural Development Programme (LEADER)
  3. The natural environment
  4. Tourism growth
  5. Culture and tradition
    Organising Cultural events
    Regional Cooperation
    Traditional Complexes
    Local traditional products
    Byzantine Heritage
  6. Social solidarity
  7. Sports
  8. European and other Funding Programmes

In continuous cooperation with Community Councils, Organized Groups and Private Individuals, interconnecting natural and cultural heritage with the primary and secondary sectors, and their inclusion into local tourist activity are considered to be of strategic importance in promoting ANET’s vision.

European Programmes

Cross-border Cooperation Programme Greece – Cyprus 2007-2013

  • Troodos Geopark – In cooperation with the Department of Forests and the Geological Survey Department, the Municipality of Sitia and the University of Crete (Natural History Department)
  • Fertile Places – In cooperation with the Municipality of Lasithi, the Municipality of Sitia and the Prefectural District of Chios

Rural Development Programme 2007-2013

  • Axis 4 – LEADER, Budget €1,748,000.00, Public Call results, Measure 4.1.3/3.1 – 8 proposals of a total budget of €1,750,000.00. Measure 4.1.1/1.6 – 3 investment proposals. Total Budget €1,016,508.64.
  • Participation in two rural exhibitions with 15 exhibitors in each.
  • Implementation of various actions in cooperation with the National Rural Network.
  • Inter-territorial cooperation for the “Promotion of the Beautiful Villages of Cyprus”
  • Transnational Cooperation – creation phase with Mt. Psiloritis Development Agency and Mytilini Development Agency– establishment of a local quality pact.
  • Accredited Body – Total studies: approximately 30
  • Ministry Public Calls – Total studies: approximately 22


  • Renewable Energy Source Programme – Photovoltaic Panel Installation on 400 rooftops in our action area.
  • Organizing one-day Conferences regarding recycling/composting and a wide range of other topics.
  • Community Council Regulatory Plans
  • Cooperation with the Urban Planning Service
  • Cooperation with the Agency for the Tourist Development and Promotion of Mt. Troodos (KOT)
  • Supporting local population (issues regarding crops, project organization and maturation, agrotourism and new approaches to employment, contribution towards raising environmental awareness,  preparing programmes related to training the Local Population).
  • Telemedicine

Address: No. 139 Archiepiskopou Makariou III, 2728 Galata
Tel: 22952043, 22952004
Fax: 22952045