Georoute 8

Georoute Name: Epano Zakros - Mavros Kambos - Skalia
Type: Trekking
Length (Km): 3,979
Time: 1h, 20 min
Initial elevation (m): 293
Final elevation (m): 655
Maximum elevation (m): 655
Minimum elevation (m): 290


Georoute 8 follows the European Trail E4 along its entire length. Apart from trekking, the georoute offers many exciting sights, such as the unique view of the eastern coastal areas, the beautiful landscape and numerous geosites. Ιt begins from the settlement of Epano Zakros, climbs the steep slopes of the mountainous regions, crosses the breathtaking Mavros Kambos plateau and ends at the Skalia area, featuring a small spring and the ruins of the old stone settlement.

At Skalia, georoutes 3 and 9 intersect. Visitors can return to Epano Zakros either by taking the same route back or by following one of the other two connected georoutes.