Georoute 6

Georoute Name: Karydi - Mangasa - Mitato - Karydi
Type: Trekking
Length (Km): 4,703
Time: 1 h, 30 min
Initial elevation (m): 582
Final elevation (m): 591
Maximum elevation (m): 591
Minimum elevation (m): 476


Georoute 6 begins from Karidi and heads northeast, following an old track that leads to the hamlet of Mangasa (or Vrissidi). Apart from enjoying the picturesque landscape, visitors can also become acquainted with many features of the geological history of the region, such as the unique rocks of Mangasa Unit, as well as many elements of cultural heritage, such as the stone houses with the impressive arcs, the dry-stone hedges and the old … main road of the area (stone-paved path)! From Mangasa, the geotrail continues up to Mitato, passing by significant geosites. From Mitato, the trail follows georoute 1 to return to Karidi.