Georoute 12

Georoute Name: Kato Zakros - Pelekita cave - Karoumes beach
Type: Trekking
Length (Km): 7,069
Time: 2h, 30 min
Initial elevation (m): 7
Final elevation (m): 20
Maximum elevation (m): 107
Minimum elevation (m): 6

Georoute 12 begins from Kato Zakros, heads north along an old but clear trail and ends at the wonderful and totally isolated Karoumes Beach.

This magnificent georoute includes a large number of geosites, including the renowned Zakros marine terrains, Pelekita Cave, the ancient quarry and others.

At Karoumes, the georoute intersects with georoute 13, which passes through the Hohlakies gorge. Thus, visitors can return either by following the same path back to Kato Zakros or via georoute 13, through Hohlakies gorge, ending up at road route 1.