Georoute 11

Georoute Name: Kato Zakros - Fangromouro - Katsounaki beach
Type: Trekking
Length (Km): 7,164
Time: 2h, 30 min
Initial elevation (m): 7
Final elevation (m): 12
Maximum elevation (m): 52
Minimum elevation (m): 0


Georoute 11 begins from Kato Zakros and follows the old coastal trail towards the south, passes through Fangromouro area and ends at Katsounaki beach.

The Georoute crosses many interesting geosites and is exceptionally pleasant, as it follows the coastline along its entire length. At Katsounaki beach, there are numerous geosites, including Katsounaki gorge, as well as endemic species of sand lilies or Sea Daffodils (Pancratium maritimum). Visitors can return to Kato Zakros either by the same path or from the road via Xerokambos.