Georoute 10

Georoute Name: Epano Zakros - Deads Gorge - Kato Zakros
Type: Trekking
Length (Km): 4,11
Time: 1h, 30 min
Initial elevation (m): 7
Final elevation (m): 160
Maximum elevation (m): 160
Minimum elevation (m): 7

Georoute 10 begins from Epano Zakros, passes through the renowned Zakros Gorge, also known as 'the Gorge of the Dead', and reaches the village of Kato Zakros. It constitutes the southern and eastern part of European Trail E4 in Greece, which officially ends at Kato Zakros.This exceptional trekking route is particularly important because it combines beautiful landscape with numerous components of geological and cultural heritage of the area. It is worth noting that it passes through the Minoan cemetery and the archaeological site of Kato Zakros palace.